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Tui’s Enya


Born on the 21st January 1997 a Registered Part Bred Morgan, 14hh and bright bay with a small white star and one white sock, she competed at the National Morgan Show in 2007 being placed in led and ridden classes with one of our riders and has now competed in local unaffiliated and RDA dressage, Derby competitions, Adult Riding Club, RDA Western Show and the Hawke’s Bay A & P Show.  She is a pony with a strong personality and lots of energy who enjoys plenty of attention, especially having her photo taken.  Enya is ridden by our more confident balanced riders who benefit from her quick stride and lively nature. Enya is also used for lunge lessons for riders who are working to improve their balance and position and start trotting. In her early years she was taught natural horsemanship groundwork and sometimes if loose in the arena will test volunteers horse awareness when they try to catch her, however at some stage she will stop to admire herself in the mirrors and of course can be easily caught with a carrot!




Purchased by Hastings RDA from Jocelyn Bennett of Wairo in early 2011 as a 7 year old this handsome 14.3hh chestnut gelding who is by an Appaloosa sire (we are looking for the spots) is having great fun since he arrived at Hastings RDA.  In his previous homes he had taken part in farm rides and beach rides and been used for stock work as well as winning ribbons at the Wairo A&P Show and local dressage competitions.  Tonto is now being used regularly for our clients who enjoy his active walk and outgoing personality, our independent riders have great fun with him although he does try to “help” them by picking up the arena activities, and he is also extremely patient with our more disabled riders who need more support.  Tonto has recently started to be used for lunge lessons for riders who are working to improve their balance and position and start trotting.  He has been to his first dressage competition, local Sports Days, the A&P Show and the HB Western Club Summer Show all of which he very much enjoyed he is a horse for the limelight.




Sophie retired aged 20 back to the family who loaned her to us, for some one to one girl time.





This pure bred Quarter Horse Gelding was aged 13 in 2012 when he was purchased by Hastings RDA via a TradeMe advertisement from Angel Mann, JD or Nirvana’s JD Mac was vetted by Ewen Equine of Franklin and transported to Hawke’s Bay by Magestic Horse Transport.  He is a 14.3hh chestnut roan with a white blaze and one white sock who was with his previous owner for 9 years taking part in Western Riding competitions and some low level dressage and going on trail rides.  JD had also visited Totara Park RDA in Auckland and been introduced to some of our arena games and activities before he started his new career, he is settling in well enjoys going to the Hawke’ Bay A&P Show and also to a local sports day, he found going to the HB Western Club Summer Show, been there and done that!  JD already has a big fan club among our riders and volunteers for his good looks and great manners.




Misty is a grey Ruatoki bush pony 14.1hh and 9 years old was known to have bred several foals and previously to have been used for pig hunting.  Purchased via an advertisement in TradeMe  in August 2013 (she wasn’t the pony we first enquired about) from Melody Flutey of Opotiki and vetted by Dr C J Peterson of the Veterinary Health Clinic Opotiki.

She was transported to Hastings by Magestic Horse Transport with an overnight stay in Cambridge.

Misty was viewed by Maxine Crowley (our Committee Member Mike Batey’s aunt) who thought her a good sort, solid and sensible (and we have to say we agree).  Misty has proved to be a calm, clever pony who learns quickly since she has been at RDA and she is now a regular part of the programme and enjoying the attention she receives from riders and volunteers.




Kizzy is a 14.2hh stationbred (East Coast) bay mare with an interesting white blaze and two hind white socks aged 14 years sometime many years ago she must have received an injury to her left ear which has caused the top to fold over.

Purchased from Marion Slagter of Tirohanga, Taupo in October 2013 who had used her for trekking on her own property, previously she had been used as a led pony for a nervous beginner who found her too free moving off the lead.  Kizzy is a kind mare with good basic ground manners who responds to light aids when ridden.

Kizzy was vetted by Dr Tony Parsons of the Taupo Veterinary Centre and transported to Hastings RDA by Heather Pay.

Kizzy is already a star of the riding programme totally unfazed by the arena activities, delighted to meet her reflection in the arena mirror and loved by our volunteers as a very kind and gentle mare to work with.











Tuis Enya








JD Mac