How you can help

How you can help

The more help we have, the more our riders can achieve. We are looking for volunteers who can give us from 1 hour a week of their time. Duties can include leading ponies, walking beside riders, looking after our ponies and maintaining our buildings and grounds.

Fund raising is very important to us so we are always looking for people to help us with traditional or innovative ways of raising money. Why not support us by holding a sausage sizzle? At our recent open day we had a face painter which was great fun and a very successful way to fund raise. We welcome new ideas and enthusiastic people. Please get in touch and support your local RDA.

The new Payroll Giving Scheme introduced by the Act will come into effect from 7 January 2010 and will operate in addition to the current end-of-year donation tax credit claim system. The key features of the new Payroll Giving Scheme are:

  • Voluntary participation in the scheme for employers and employees
  • The scheme will only be available to employers who use IRD's ir-File online service to file their employer monthly schedule and PAYE deduction forms.
  • Employees who use the scheme will receive a tax credit of 33% on the amount of donations made each pay day. The tax credit will be offset against the PAYE payable on the employee's gross pay. The maximum tax credit is limited to the tax portion of the PAYE deduction on the employee's pay each pay period.
  • Employees are responsible for ensuring that the payroll donation is made to an approved donee organisation and that details enabling the donation transfer are given to the employer. A list of approved donor organisations is available on the IRD's website and can be viewed by clicking here. Employers are responsible for ensuring payroll donations are transferred to the donor organisation within a specified period. Adequate records must be kept by employers to enable the IRD to check that donations were transferred to the relevant organisations.
  • Employees who use payroll giving are not entitled to an end-of-year donations refund on their payroll donations.

For further information please see the report which can be viewed by clicking here

Sponsor a pony for $1000 a year or share the sponsorship of a pony for $500 a year. You will receive a framed photo of your chosen pony along with a certificate and regular updates on what your pony has been doing. To sponsor a pony, get in touch!

Make a donation via cheque or direct credit. We are a registered charity No:CC22371 and your donations can be offset against tax. To make a donation, please contact us. Or use our pledge form.

Postcard photos of our ponies , are for sale. 50 cents each.


Who can help Theo? Is a fun and educational storybook aimed at children aged 3-10.  It tells the story of Theo, a retired racehorse who loves people and wants a job, but not just any job. By a copy from Hastings Group RDA for $14.95 and help therapeutic riding in New Zealand.



Gingerbread Horse is a brand new community-led fundraising campaign, based around the idea of individuals, businesses and schools in the local community registering as Gingerbread Horse Bakers, then baking and decorating 24 Gingerbread Horse biscuits using the items provided in their Registration Pack.

During NZRDA Awareness Week, bakers will be asked to sell their tasty biscuits to friends, family, workmates and the general public



RDA coffee cups are available to purchase at $12.00 each.  Made of high quality heat retaining plastic each cup includes a lid with drinking slot and is branded with the NZRDA logo on one side and a rider and horse image on the other.



Help Riding for the Disabled in Hastings by fundraising

Help RDA Hastings by leading our ponies

Baking stall to support Riding for the disabled Hastings Branch

Supporting disabled children with RDA Hastings